By the kind permission of Paco Sevilla
(still in process of minor updating)

(Notes by Paco Sevilla)
Jaleo was a great magazine that covered the flamenco scene with correspondents from all over the world.
There were interviews, reviews, articles, and more. Jaleo was a product of its time:  1978-1990.
It was inspired by an earlier effort, in the 1960s, by Morre and Estela Zatania in New York.
Their FISL Newsletter was very folksy, with handset type, but had excellent articles.
We started very crudely with Jaleo, cutting and pasting typewritten text, and taking photos
out to be screened into dots before gluing them in under headings made from press-on letters.
By the end, we were laying it out on an early Macintosh computer. Jaleo was followed by Greg Case's
Journal of Flamenco Artistry
(Los Angeles) and, finally, the superb and polished Flamenco
International Magazine, out of London.
 Much of the content is quite dated. At least half of it dealt with local parties and performances in California.
Another quarter was translations of current events in Spain.
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Diego del Gastor teaching a nice bulerias

(artwork courtesy of Marvin Steel):